Brunch della Domenica Natale

The genuine passion for good food and conviviality, that so strongly binds Carmignani Father and Son, could not have flourished so well outside of Parma. This cheery Emilian town, framed by green, windy hills, is well-known for its old culinary tradition which notoriously gave the world some exceptional products. With time, however, modern demands have often strayed from the real tradition, both in quality and in spirit. This distance creates confusion today, but above all it does not do justice to those men of other times who, unlike so many others, are still working now as people used to a hundred years ago. Parma&Co was born out of a profound respect for these men, for their work, for their spirit, and it was born out of passion. It was born to offer in a special context, or perhaps just in an appropriate one, the best products of the Parma tradition, and to tell their story with the modesty and simplicity due to them.